Timecard widget

Purpose: Keep the office informed of hours worked when out on the road with accurate times logged. Mobile app users can log their own hours directly, reducing queries and admin time across all users.

Timesheets allow businesses to see how many hours their users are working, how effective they are throughout the day and for the purpose of finalizing pay. A timesheet is a combination of daily timecards submitted by a user logging the time worked on a given day and recording any breaks within that period. Timesheets are then reviewed, adjusted and approved.

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Please note:

  • Timecard widget requires an internet connection.
  • When a user clocks out on the mobile app for a given day they cannot clock in for the same day.
  • If a user does not clock out for a given day they must manually enter a clock out time before they can clock in for the current day.
  • Location information cannot be guaranteed as this is provided by the device.
  • When logging a break the time can be adjusted to a past time which will require a reason before saving. It is recommended to log breaks as they occur.
  • Timer may appear to stop updating if the app is left open in the background, pull to refresh on Home screen will restore the correct time.


▶️ How to use clock in/breaks/clock out on timecard widget