Appointment Statuses

Purpose: Understanding appointments means all users are equipped with the knowledge required for better workflow management.

The schedule is the centre of a job management system. Combining mobile app workflows with web management ensures businesses are optimising technician time effectively and maximising profit.

Mobile app workflows improve the accuracy of technician actions throughout the day. Appointments that are correctly actioned by technicians will provide all users with up-to-date information that is relayed back to the office in real time. Improving the efficiency of your business and increasing awareness so that your office staff and technicians can be on the same page, at all times.

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Please note:

  • Once an appointment has been updated to Arrived, it can no longer be edited or moved.
  • Users should Abort the event if they are travelling and cannot reach their destination. However, it is possible to move the event on the diary at this time.
  • Any reject or abort status logged will require a reason before saving.
  • If the event is aborted, the job will remain open. Aborting a job is a web-only action.
  • Job report must be completed before marking an event as left if there are required questions.

▶️Mobile app statuses


When an appointment is added to a technician's diary, it can be accepted or rejected. The technician has the opportunity to review the job information and decide how to proceed. This should be completed the morning of or night before the job to ensure the office knows of any events you may not be able to attend on a given day ahead of time.


  1. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Accept
  2. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Reject > Type reason for rejecting appointment > Save/Tick


Technicians should tap Travel when they are in their vehicles ready to depart.


  1. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Travel
  2. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Abort > Type reason for aborting appointment > Save/Tick

Arrive/No access/Abort

Once the technician has gained access to the property, they should tap Arrive. If they are unable to access the property they can use No access to record information and take any pictures to support this. Pictures taken for No access will show in attached files for the relevant job. The appointment can also be aborted at this stage if for any reason they cannot complete their journey to the property.


  1. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Arrive > Fill in arrive questions > Save/Finish
  2. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > No access > Complete questions > Tap + to take photo > Save/Tick
  3. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Abort > Type reason for aborting appointment > Save/Tick


When the job report has been filled in and the works are complete, the technician should mark the appointment as left. If the appointment has been marked as Arrived in error, it can be aborted and will need to be rebooked.

In the event the technician must leave after work has been started, they should fill in the job report as best they can and mark the appointment as left so it can be rebooked on another date.


  1. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Fill in job report > Leave
  2. Tap Diary > Tap appointment > Abort > Type reason for aborting appointment > Save/Tick