QuickBooks Desktop Canada: Overview

This flow chart below will guide you through which articles will apply to you. Answer the questions and read the information carefully.

Important Note:

  • Commusoft cannot be held responsible for the quality of data. Please ensure the data in your accounting package is of good quality and in the correct fields before integrating.
  • If the title field is blank in your accounting package, Commusoft will add the top one in the list; see System Settings > Customer Titles, to all customer records by default this is '-'. 
  • The character limit for customer names is 18 due to QuickBooks' limitations through the integration.

Once you have read all the documentation below if you have any questions or are unsure at any stage then please contact us via email at support@commusoft.com or if your Commusoft package has phone support call us on 02030 266 266 - Option 2. It is important to ask us for advice before taking any action.


QuickBooks Desktop: Set up accounting integration

QuickBooks Desktop: Link existing customers/suppliers