Enable timesheets

This setting was previously called: Timesheets.

Users can submit timecards through the mobile app or they can be added manually on the web. If break times are paid, they will be included in the calculation of payable hours if enabled.

Timesheets allow businesses to see how many hours their users are working, how effective they are throughout the day and for the purpose of finalising pay. A timesheet is a combination of daily timecards submitted by a user logging the time worked on a given day and recording any breaks within that period. Timesheets are then reviewed, adjusted and approved.

Please note:

  • Available on All-in-one and above plans.
  • ‘We pay break times’ is enabled by default.

Related guide:

Timesheet approval

Profile icon > Settings > Users > Enable timesheets

  • Enable mobile timecard > Check to enable > Save
  • We pay break time > Check to enable > Save