SLA: SLA due to breach report and widget

Purpose: This report provides visibility into all jobs potentially at risk of SLA breaches, aiding office staff in identifying and addressing priority tasks to ensure SLA compliance. It offers a list view of SLAs, categorized by type, with those closest to breach displayed first.


SLAs can be accessed from the customer journey plan and above


SLA due to breach

➡️ Reporting tab > Burger menu > Jobs > SLA due to breach.

SLA due to breach 1.3.png

  1. Filter the jobs based on the chosen criteria.
  2. Quick Links > General > Save: Creating custom reports
  3. Print the SLA due to breach report.
  4. Download the SLA report in excel.
  5. Edit columns - A right panel will appear, allowing you to select the columns you wish to display. You can rearrange the column order by dragging and dropping them to the desired position.
  6. + > View job | View job address | View customer


  • The search list will display jobs in order of impending SLA breaches, prioritizing those closest to breach at the top.
  • If a job has multiple SLAs assigned, it will appear multiple times in the list, grouped by SLA type. Additionally, the report will include all job fields along with SLA type and countdown.
  • The SLA countdown will be shown in red if the notification has been sent, otherwise in green.
  • When choosing the 'Breach In' filter, you can choose to filter jobs based on their breach time intervals: 0-15 minutes, 0-30 minutes, 0-60 minutes, 61-120 minutes, 121-240 minutes, or more than 241 minutes.


➡️ Reporting tab > Quick links > Add/remove dashboard widgets > SLA due to breach

This will show a widget with 4 quadrants, being SLAs due to breach in 0-60, 61-120, 121-240, and 240+ minutes respectively.