Customer Portal

Purpose: This gives customers a more in-depth understanding of what is happening on their jobs, as well as how invoices, certificates, etc, are being used. Customers can add users from their company to be able to view these items. This is a great customer relations tool as well as an important tool to reduce administrative work.


Please note: The portal will take into account the overlap settings clients have setup on their diary settings. If you notice jobs are being booked over other events, check to see if your overlap settings are turned on in Profile button > Settings > Diary settings >Overlap events.

Allowing access to the customer portal:

  1. Go to the customer you wish to grant portal access to. Go into their customer profile and go to ‘Quick links’ and select Send customer portal access’. Type ‘Confirm’ to send the link.


  2. They will receive an email listed below. Once they are given access, they will be asked to fill out their name, username, email & password. This will give them access and nothing will be required on your end from here on out, unless you want to revoke access.


Editing or revoking access to the customer portal:


    1. Should you need to remove access to the customer portal, you can do so easily. Go back into the customer profile, and go to ‘Quick links’ > Manage portal access.

    2. You’ll see the screenshot below, from here, you can remove certain modules, as well as revoking full access, you will be asked to confirm the removal of said access.



Customer Portal Information:


  1. The customer portal has 6 main modules, these are Add job, List properties, List invoices, List certificates, List diaries, and Add users.

Viewing invoices: mceclip3.png

    1. The customer has the option to view the invoices that have been paid, or unpaid, on a job. They can do this by going into the 2nd option, ‘List invoices’ on the main left module.

    2. They can filter by the contractors they’ve been invoiced with, along with showing only unpaid invoices if they like by checking the box. Information included is the Date, address, UPRN, Contractor name, Description, and the invoice number.



Viewing Certificates: mceclip6.png


    1. The customer has the option to view certificates in the system. They can do so by going to the 4th button, list certificates’.

    2. They can filter by contractor or drill down more with the date range.


Viewing Diary events: mceclip7.png

  1. The customer has the option to view diary events in the system by going to the 5th button down the list, ‘List diaries’.

  2. This tab starts w/ a small date range, but can be expanded to view all available diary events for the customer. This page contains Estimate / Job Id, Appointment dates, Time, Address, & Description


Viewing & adding properties: mceclip8.png


  1. Within the properties area, you can view all available properties customers have in the system. To add a property, go tap ‘Add Property’.

  2. Below is the creation module you’ll see, they’ll need to select the contractor, then if it’s a company site, enable the checkbox. Fill out the information below, and hit ‘Save’.


Adding / viewing users: mceclip10.png


    1. Customers can add a user to their system by going into the 6th item down the list, ‘Users’.

    2. This area lists the users that have access to the customer portal (yes? no?). They can also add users by going to ‘Add user’. This will bring up the below shown module, they will need to add a name, email, Username and password. You can decide which features are available for this user upon creation.