QuickBooks Desktop error: Invalid reference to QuickBooks Item Sales Tax


Important note:

  • Tax descriptions in Commusoft link to Item Lists in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The Sales Tax Name in QuickBooks Desktop is validated against the Tax Description in Commusoft, these fields must be an exact match in both packages.

If you receive the above error message on a failed record in Commusoft please follow the below:

1. View the invoice in Commusoft > Edit > Locate the Tax description; our example will be Sales



2. Go to Commusoft > System Settings > Add tax descriptions > Search the same Tax description used on the invoice > Edit 



3. Open QuickBooks Desktop > List > Item List



4. Locate the Item you are trying to post to; our example will be Sales Tax.



5. Double click to open Sales Tax > Copy the wording in the Sales Tax Name.



6. Go back to your Commusoft tab from step 2 > Paste the Sales Tax Name into Tax Description > Save tax description



7. Go to Company Settings > Accounting interfaces > Failed > Locate the invoice > Resend