VOIP SIP Integration (BETA clients only)

Purpose: The VOIP feature allows you to integrate your VOIP system into commusoft. The feature integrates customers and information from commusoft. You can call customers from the software, you can record and save the calls you make using the commusoft program for VOIP, and they can all be saved into customer profiles as well. 

Please note: 

  • This feature is currently on a closed BETA program. Please contact support if you would like further information
  • This feature is NOT a VOIP provider. Commusoft does not sell access to a VOIP system, this is merely an integration with your provider you already have. 
  • You will need to request the SIP information from your provider to integrate the commusoft program with your ongoing VOIP provider. Commusoft is unable to connect with an API or any other type of integration.
  • This feature is available on the customer journey and above plans.

Downloading the Commusoft VOIP software:
Please use the links below to download the app to each users computer once activated on your account:

Windows: https://www.commusoft.com/downloads/VoIP.exe

Mac - https://www.commusoft.com/downloads/VoIP.dmg 


Integrating your VOIP provider with Commusoft:

  1. Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View desired user > Quick links > Configure SIP
  2. Fill in the details as required with the information you have gathered from your phone provider.
  3. Usually, the Domain, Port, Realm, Outbound Proxy, and Transport will be the same for all users, and the User, Authorisation ID, and Password will be different between users.


    Once you have completed the setup and downloaded the program, you can log in with your normal commusoft login credentials, and the integration will be complete.