Estimate acceptance disclaimer message

Purpose: You may have a company disclaimer you wish to send your customers in every estimate you send out. This setting allows you to add a disclaimer, that will appear above the ‘estimate note’ section. You can use this disclaimer for a variety of reasons, including how to take payment, how to reach you, or about material costs changing.

  1. Go to the profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left-handed 'Categories' area > Estimate acceptance disclaimer message.

  2. Sometimes you may want to use the estimate disclaimer message to leave information pertinent to your customers. This could include contact information, payment preference, or information you may be legally required to release to people you work with. Here, you may add that disclaimer. The customer will see this message when they are accepting and signing the estimate. Once it is accepted, it will show with ‘Accepted’ across the PDF.


  3. Add your disclaimer and hit save.

    Below, an example of the estimate disclaimer. The red box indicates the disclaimer section, whereas the green indicates the 'estimate note' section.