Job report email template

This setting was previously called: Job report email message.

This setting allows you to set the default email for your job report, and can help reduce admin time by having the system do it for you. You have multiple options of when reports are sent, as well as how they are sent.

Tagging: The system uses tagging to help add information and helps reduce administrative work by making it easy to send out the documentation to your customers.

Throughout the system, there are modules that may be used to create communications. Most modules have to tag available, and you will see the option to add tags when you see this button.


  1. Go to the profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left-handed 'Categories' area > Job report template

  2. You have options here on how to set the job report. You can send it when the job is marked as left or marked as complete. You can also send the report when an engineer rejects, aborts, or has no access to the diary event. You may check the checkboxes for your application workflow.