After sales care defaults

This setting was previously called: Automatic post sales communication.

Besides the job, one of the most important aspects of customer relationships is after your jobs are over. Maintaining relationships with customers is pertinent to getting continued work. This setting allows you to select whether new customers will receive communications, and the ability to set communications for newly created work addresses. 

  1. Go to Profile Icon > Settings > Customers > After sales care defaults > View

  2. You have two options in the main setting module. Here you can set defaults for customers, and work addresses. This selects whether newly created values will receive automatic post-sales communications. Once you make your choices, hit ‘Save’.

Advanced Options

Within the advanced options page, you have the ability to specify which customer, or work address, are sent communications. This is important because it can help prevent bad reviews from clients you know who may leave negative reviews.

Please note: If you do not filter, you will change communication preferences en masse.

  1. Enter the module by going into ‘View customers’ or ‘View work addresses’

  2. Within this module, you can use a filter to specify the customer you’d like to view, or multiple customers, by name, or customer type, specifically, a private customer, company, estate agents, or schools. Once you have them filtered, you can hit ‘Change communication preferences’.

  3. This will bring up a module to select the after-sales care value. Select your option, then hit ‘Save.