Job arrive workflow templates

Purpose: This setting allows you to create templates with specific questions, information, etc., with a variety of inputs, which you are able to connect to specific job descriptions. This allows a huge variety of workflows and, depending on how your job descriptions are set up, can be set up to gather the most precise information needed for your work. 

Please note:

  • Job workflow templates are only available on the 'All-In-One' Plan and above.
  • Once you have assigned a template to a job description, it will only apply to new jobs and diary events. The software will not alter any events created prior to the template assignment.
  • If you do not set your workflow templates for your specific job descriptions, the software will default to what you have set up for your job arrive signature messagejob arrive on site questionsjob leave signature message, and job leave on site questions settings. We recommend always having generic job arrive onsite and job leave on site questions set up in the event that the workflow templates do not sync through to the app.
  • We recommend that you do not edit an already existing job workflow template if it is assigned to a diary event as this may affect what the mobile users see on the app.
  • Mobile users may need to reinstall the Commusoft application if they are experiencing issues seeing or answering the job arrive workflow questions.
  • If you have archived a workflow after a diary event using it has been added, the mobile user will still see those questions and will need to answer them. The questions will only be archived for events added afterwards.
  • You will be unable to make changes to an existing job workflow template once it has been assigned to a job description.
  • We recommend unassigning a job workflow from a job description before deleting/archiving the job description. Should you forget to do so, you can clone the workflow template and make changes to the cloned version, and then you can archive the original one.
  • When viewing all of your service reminders and adding a job with workflows assigned to it manually from this screen, the workflows will not be assigned to this job.

Related guides:


  1. Go to the profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left-handed 'Categories' area > Job arrive workflow templates.

  2. This setting allows you to create workflow templates your engineers can use when arriving. You can create one by clicking ‘Add new arrive workflow template’.


  3. ‘Configure’ allows you to edit, add questions, etc, this will be covered later in this guide. 'Download' allows you to download the template via a .ZIP file, which can be imported using the advanced options.

  4. 'Edit' allows you to edit the name in this setting. To delete the template, select the 'Delete' option, and then type "delete". You will then press the red ‘Delete’ button.

  5. If you have used the job arrive workflow template in a previously completed job, you will have the option to archive it instead of deleting it. This will prevent anyone from assigning this template to any new jobs/diary events.

    Advanced Options
    : The advanced options in this setting allow you to import the .zip templates you may have downloaded. This is possible to share between Commusoft customers. You will hit choose file > select it in the browser > then the system will import that template for you.


Configure - Signature on arrival

After hitting the configure button, you will be taken to a setting menu with two sections. The first is ‘Signature on arrival’.

If you wish to enable a signature message, you may hit the radio button ‘Yes I want to…’ to set up a message. This is normally for your customer to know what they are agreeing to when they sign the form. 


The second section is 'Questions'. To learn how to set up this section, please see Job workflow template - Configure Questions.