SLA templates

Purpose: An SLA, or Service Level Agreement, is an agreement between the organization and the client that defines specific metrics and expectations for service delivery. These metrics typically include various time-based targets that measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided.

View Setting

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Contracts > SLA templates > View

SLA template configure - US.png

Add SLA template

➡️ Complete both fields > Save

  • SLA name: Provide a name to identify the template throughout the system.
  • SLA description: Inusre the purpose of the template is clear.

Configure SLA template

➡️ Configure > Set up segmentation > Configure SLA metric > Set up segmentation > Save


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SLA Metrics

Along the left-hand side of the page, you can choose the SLA metric to configure. Once you select one you can set up the specifics of the breach. Name the breach first and then you can define the time until it occurs as well as who you wish to send a notification to concerning it (required fields are marked with an asterisk).

Job creation to first appointment: The time between when the job is initially created and when an appointment is scheduled.

Job creation to engineer actual arrive time: The time between the job having been created and a technician arriving at the job site.

Job creation to job completion: The time from which the job is created to the technician marking it as complete.

Actual complete date/time vs Job required complete date/time: The time at which the job is actually completed compared to the time in which it is required to have been completed.

Set up segmentation 

You can add optional primary and secondary levels of segmentation to any of your SLAs to help you refine your choices and make them more specific. The options are by:

Edit SLA template

➡️ Click Edit > Amend fields > Save SLA template

Delete SLA template

➡️ Delete > Type "Delete" > Delete