Stock control for engineers

As an engineer, the stock control module will affect your workflow in a few different ways. These should make it more straightforward to collect the parts you may require for a job/day through the app. You can still request parts in the same way but collecting them will work a little differently. 

Requesting parts

In order to request parts on a job, you do not first have to accept the job itself. Simply click on the 'More' button (bottom right) to bring up your options menu. From here, select 'Parts' from the menu, this will allow you to request any parts you may need (use the search function if there are a lot of them) as well as the quantity that you're after. Once you've selected what you need, click 'Save' to request them. From here there are two workflows, depending on whether you have the stock in your van or not.

From your van

If you have the parts stored in your van already, you will have the option to simply install them from there rather than requesting them from a different stock location. Otherwise, you can request the parts from the office. The system will automatically mark the parts as installed if they have been taken from your van and you will not have to mark them as such. You can toggle between requesting the parts from the office or taking them from your van by clicking it.


Requesting from the office

If you do not have the parts in stock, you can simply request them from the office. When the stockroom manager receives a request for parts, they will be able to search for them in the stockroom or raise a purchase order if need be. Once the parts have been received, you will see a notification on your mobile app.


Clicking here will take you to a list of the parts you have available to pick up for your jobs. You can check them here and then click 'Scan list' at the bottom of the list. 


This will enable you to scan the QR code related to your personal picking list when you arrive to pick up your parts. Using the stockroom app, the stock manager will be able to hand over your designated parts once you've scanned the code. 

Marking parts as 'installed'

In order to indicate that a part has been successfully installed at a site, go back to 'Parts' where you should be presented with a different list of parts depending on their status (e.g. ordered from supplier). Simply select the part you've installed and choose 'install' from the options you are presented. Enter the appropriate quantity, and click 'Ok'. You will receive a notification once this has been completed:


You can also have the parts delivered directly to the site at which you're working. If your office manager wishes to just have the parts sent straight to you to save you having to come and collect them, they can do this when raising a purchase order on their end. For you, this will not change a huge amount. When you go back into the 'Parts' section after they've been ordered delivered to site, they will be in the status 'Ordered from supplier'. With this, you can simply select the individual parts and mark them as installed as necessary. You can also cancel the order from here if need be: