Purpose: Different cultures have different titles, this page allows you to respect those titles by adding them. You can edit them as need be, and can make them into any form you may need, military personnel, doctoral titles, etc.

Please Note:

  • We recommend setting up a title with ‘The’ and also moving this to the top of the list. By doing this it will , Having ‘The’ as your first title in the list will this will help with auto population that can lead to ‘The Occupier’.  help when adding a work address and do not know the surname, if you leave it blank Commusoft will auto-fill with the word ‘Occupier’ so you’re left with The Occupier. 

This page allows you to add titles. You may want to add titles depending on who your customer is or identifies.You will use the titles you create here when creating customers, using dropdowns, etc.

  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left-handed 'Categories' area > Titles.

  2. Enter the title you need to add, then hit save.

Editing Titles

  1. To edit, click on edit. From here you will be able to alter the entry and re-save.



Delete Titles

Please note: Deletion in Commusoft is irreversible

  1. To delete entries, click on delete. To delete in Commusoft you must type delete and tap confirm in the pop-up module. If you are unable to delete an entry, you will be given a reason why.

  2. Depending on the title you are attempting to delete, the system may give you a reason you cannot.