Fuel types

Purpose: Fuel types are important for the variety of different materials, appliances, etc, that you use. Fuel types allow for customizable entry of types of fuel for appliances.  Fuel types are usually categorized as things such as Gas, Oil, Electrical, Natural Gas, Propane, etc.

  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left handed 'Categories' area >Fuel types.

  2. Add any needed types of fuel for appliances here, then hit Add Fuel Type.


  3. Within the mobile app, you can find the corresponding entries for fuel in Appliances > + button > Fuel.


    Editing fuel types

    1. To edit, click on edit. From here you will be able to alter the entry and re-save.

    Deleting fuel types

    1. To delete entries, click on delete. To delete in Commusoft you must type delete and tap confirm in the pop-up module. If you are unable to delete an entry, you will be given a reason why.