Part reorder templates

This setting was previously called: Part reorder list.

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You can set these lists to automatically reorder your stock when it dips below a certain level. If you wish to maintain a certain amount of any particular parts, you can set up a part reorder list. This will allow you to define how much stock you would like to have and when the threshold is reached, (your 'minimum stock level') a purchase order (or more depending on the number of locations you have associated with the list) will be raised for your selected supplier.

Please note: 

  • Reorder quantity must be greater than or equal to the minimum stock level you establish so that the reorder PO will generate.
  • Minimum stock level is the quantity required to be maintained. 
  • Reorders will trigger when the balances available (total stock minus reserved stock) falls below the minimum stock level per stock location associated and will only consider stock due in from the previous reorder PO's. If stock is ordered outside the reorder process is it not considered until the stock is marked as available into the given stock location.
  • The PO(s) will be raised at 2 pm, and you will get a notification letting you know once this has taken place.

  • The 'stock locations' section at the bottom of the page allows you to associate specific locations with your parts reorder lists (your various stock locations' pages can be accessed by simply searching for it - by name, using the regular search bar).
  • You need to select at least one stock location in order to activate your list. However many you select, Commusoft will check each of them for the required minimum stock level and raise the necessary purchase orders for each location whose stock level falls below the threshold you established.
  • You can use the replenishment column to select whether you want to an automatic PO, or a stock location such as a warehouse, to replenish reordered parts if you have them in your stock. This will search stock first, then depending on the amount leftover, the PO will be used to order the rest of the parts needed.