Users: Add/Edit/Delete

Adding users and their details is crucial for smooth operations, including mapping, scheduling, and arrival estimates. Users include managers, engineers, accountants, and others operating the system. Providing comprehensive information for engineers is important for administrative upkeep.

Increasing the number of users after activating your account will raise your monthly usage cost as user count correlates with the number of licences in your plan.

Add new user

Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View > Add new user > Complete fields > Save

Assign licences: 

Contact details:

  • Enter the mandatory fields as user name, email and other information such as address and contact number.

Account Information:

  • Provide necessary details like username, password, user group, type, as well as skills and public holiday groups.

View/Edit a user

Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View > Edit > Update fields > Save

User details

  • Licencing details: You can edit the licencing details and the role assigned cannot be edited.
  • Login details: In this section, you can edit the user name.
  • Personal details: You can edit your personal information like name, address, contact information, etc.
  • Business details: Edit business details such as user group, cost & sale rate, employment type, skills, etc.
  • Official number: Edit the office numbers like NI, NAPIT ID, gas sage id, etc.

Delete a user

Profile Icon > Settings > Users > Users > View > Quick links > Delete user > Type Delete > Delete

You may need to delete a user for a couple of reasons. The employee has the left the business or you need to delete the user to re create them with a different license type. You must reassign all future jobs/estimates to another user before you can delete the user.

If you delete an engineer, their name will be removed from the diary, however, their diary events such as jobs, estimates, and history will remain with that user. The user timesheet report will still be available for this user even after they have been deleted. If the user uses the mobile app, it will no longer sync with the system. Their mobile app will be unusable.

Deletion is permenant and can only be performed by Owner/Manger. You cannot delete the user you are logged in as.

Notes & communications

  • Add new note: You can add a note based on this user.
  • Edit note: Edit the existing note created for this user.
  • Delete note: Delete the note.

Mobile settings

Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View user > Mobile settings > Update settings > Save

Selecting --Please choose-- will allow you to see unlimited days

Limiting the diary view will ensure your users are focused on the events within the desired time period, whilst expanding the diary view will provide transparency and will allow users that book their own events more freedom to available diary slots. Additionally hiding the job address promotes best app usage practices. Actioning diary events in a timely manner creates more accurate job costings and ensures prompt communication with the office teams.

  • Ability to view events in the past: Choose the required number of days from the dropdown
  • Ability to view events in the future: Choose the required number of days from the dropdown
  • Hide address details: When enablded the customer address will be blur until the user clicks travel. Video: Hide address details

To sync changes, close app > reopen app > wait 5 minutes



  • Add new reminder: Add a new reminder description, due date, reminder date and the user group for which the reminder needs to sent.
  • Edit reminder: Edit the existing reminder information and save.
  • Delete reminder: Delete the reminder.

Emergency contacts

In the event of emergencies, users have the option to include an emergency contact in their profile. This contact serves as a backup point of communication if the user cannot be reached through phone or email.

Owner/Managers can add emergency contacts. You can add more than 1 emergency contact

Adding an Emergency Contact

Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View > Emergency contacts > Add new emergency contact > Fill out details > Save

  • Add new emergency contact: Enter the contact's name, address, relationship, email and contact details.
  • Edit emergency contact: Edit the emergency contact's information and save the changes.
  • Delete emergency contact: Delete the emergency contact information.

Attached files

  • Add new file: You can add new docs, pdf for this user.
  • Download file: You can download the added file.
  • Delete file: Delete the attached file.