Connect Emails: SMTP Setup

Purpose: SMTP is a setting that allows a third party to access your email account in order to send emails on your behalf. The SMTP setting will allow Commusoft to send emails to your customers - these emails can be certificates, service reminders, estimates, purchase orders, invoices, etc. Please note that Commusoft will not see your emails. You can see the templates for these emails in various places on Commusoft.

Please note:

  • Some emails may fail to send due to the limitations of your email provider. For example, if an email is too large it will not send. Gmail has a limit of 25MB; it is worth checking what, if any, limitations your own email provider has in place
  • When setting up import email settings, you need to delete any SMTP settings that may already be present, then, you can add it again, and setup your import emails. If your SMTP setup was setup before September 9, 2021, you will need to delete it, and add it again before setting up the import.
  • Commusoft no longer supports Yahoo email or British Telecom (BT Internet) as a provider.
  • Emails sent through SMTP may not appear under sent items. This is simply the way your email provider handles SMTP and does not mean your emails are not being sent or received. Individuals that receive these emails will be able to reply, however, their responses will come through to your email inbox rather than to Commusoft.
  • The default Email selected throughout the system will be the SMTP email at the top of your list if you have set up more than one, drag and drop to update the list.

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Sign in with Google or Office365

  1. Go to Profile icon > Settings > Communications > Connect emails.
  2. Connecting Gmail or Office365: Click on the appropriate button as needed, and follow the login prompts to connect your account.


Setting up SMTP manually:

  1. Go to Profile icon > Settings > Communications > Connect emails.
  2. Fill in the information as required.


  • Username: This section is only necessary if your email provider requires you to set up a username as well as an email address in order to integrate, for example with Microsoft exchange.