Zapier integration



Why would I need to use this?
This is useful if you want to pass information from Commusoft into other apps such as Google Calendar, Slack, and Trello.

What is a trigger?
A trigger is the starting point of the 'Zap' - the automatic transfer of data. Commusoft has 3 triggers:

  • Office task
  • Contact
  • Diary event

What is an action?
Commusoft now supports actions. This is the result of the 'Zap' - usually a creation of something within a third-party app. This is an action coming into Commusoft from another app.

How do I use the mapping area?
The best way to use this is to make sure the information will make sense. You can map the fields to wherever you want, but make sure all required fields are mapped (these are indicated on the page)

Why don't I see this on my account?
This can either be due to your role level or the price plan you're on with us. If you're eligible for this module, please contact support who will activate this for you.