Bulk change communication preferences

Watch a quick video showing you how to change communication preferences in bulk, and scroll down for more information


Additional information

Why would I need to use this?
This is useful if you want to set the communication preference to sms by default for example. This means that as long as there is a mobile number against the contact/customer, it will enable sms communications. The same occurs for each communication type.

What does exclusion mean?
This means that you can stop using a certain communication preference if you want. For example, if you decide that sms is not useful, you can turn it off for all customers. Or, if you have had a customer ask specifically for you not to contact their work addresses via email, you can filter the list and turn this off.

What happens if I want to change lots of customers?
You can change as many customers at once, but if you change more than 15 at a time, the process will run in the background and you will receive a notification for the changes.

What happens if I want to change everyone to not receive sms?
This will turn off sms, but if the contact only has sms as a preference, it will skip this record as they need to have at least one preference set. 

Is there an un-do feature?
No, this action cannot be reversed but you will be able to go back into the setting and change the communication preference again

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