Customer/Work address history

Private customer

You can view your customer’s history under the property tab of the customer’s profile.


The standard view will show all past jobs (completed and cancelled/aborted), credit notes, estimates and invoices sent to the customer. You can apply filters by clicking the filter type options just above the history section. You can toggle these options to show one, some or all of the view fields.

  • The columns show; Date (the date of the item)
  • Type (the type of item)
  • Description (what you called the item e.g. “Boiler Service”)
  • Total (the total price of the invoice)
  • Balance (what is left to pay on the invoice)
  • Actions (this is how you view the item)

You can use the search box to search by description e.g. “Boiler Service” which will then show all the history relating to job titled “Boiler Service”. Toggling the filters will narrow down your search to specific types such as “invoice” or “credit notes”.


Work address

It is important to notice the differences between the history of a private customer and with the history of a work address.


The work address history only shows all the previous jobs (completed and cancelled/aborted) and estimates as all financial responsibility is with the parent property.

All invoices are shown in the history of the parent property. To see a financial overview of a job, simply hover your cursor over the grey “invoiced” bubble.


This will show:

  • Total price of job excluding VAT
  • Total VAT amount
  • Total of the job including VAT
  • The remainder to pay
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