Using the part status widget and operational list

You can add the widget easily to your reporting page like any others, by clicking into 'Quick links' and selecting 'Add/remove dashboard widgets'. Select the 'Parts status' widget from the list provided. The widget itself has three distinct categories: Requested parts, Parts on order, and Parts available without future diary events.


Clicking on the number denoted under any of the categories will take you to your 'Parts operational list'. You can click between the tabs here to see the jobs organised under any of the categories. You can further filter these results using the filters provided at the top of the report.


  1. In the top-right of the report, there will be a button that changed depending on which list you're looking at. If it is a list of your requested jobs, you will be able to fulfil the parts and order them from your suppliers if need be. Use the checkboxes to select those parts you need to fulfil. Then use the 'Fulfil selected parts' button. This will open a side panel where you can confirm from where you'd like to fulfil the parts. If you want to order the parts from a supplier, you'll then be taken to a purchase order creation screen that you can simply fill in as needed.

  2. Once these parts have been ordered, they will move along to the 'On order' tab in the operational list. From this tab, rather than 'Fulfil selected parts', you can just click to select the parts you are referring to and click the 'Mark as available' button to do so once the parts have been made available through whatever means. This will open another side panel that will allow you to specify which quantities of the parts you have actually received compared to what was expected.

  3. After this, the parts will move to the final, 'Available' section of the operational list. From this tab, you can book actual diary events (again by clicking the checkbox to select the right parts and using the 'Create new diary event' button). Create these events one at a time in the diary and go back to the widget to do so with the rest of the parts.