Email is showing as pending

If an email is showing as 'pending' rather than 'sent' this means there is something wrong with the SMTP setup on your account. The email will remain in the pending state until the SMTP settings are corrected and Commusoft will attempt to resend the email periodically in order to try to send it to the recipient. 

When sending emails via SMTP, occasionally they will fail to deliver for a variety of possible reasons. This could be due to either an issue with the customer's mailbox or with your own provider

Previously, when an email failed to send from Commusoft via SMTP, the system would not try to send it again. We have changed this, so we will now try to send the email multiple times over a 24-hour period.

Sometimes the reason behind the failure may only be temporary, such as an error or server maintenance. Therefore, by trying multiple times we increase the chance of the email delivering successfully.

If after 24 hours, the email has still not been received by the customer's mailbox, Commusoft will send it on your behalf via our mail provider. This works as a backup, so should ensure that your customer correctly receives the message you were trying to send.