Labor rates

Purpose: Setting up your labor rates are important throughout the system. The system will need this information to be able to calculate day rates, engineer rates, overtime rates etc. This helps simplify calculations within the system reducing admin time. 

  1. Go to system settings > Labor rates.

  2. You can add a rate by going to ‘Add new labor rate’

  3. You can set your labor rate name here (day rate, overtime, etc) along with a line item description that will help you on your invoices and calculations of payments, estimates, etc. You may set the Basic rate per hour here as well. Set your nominal code as it relates to your workflow with labor, and add your VAT percentage that will be taken out when calculating labor costs


  4. Finally, add your rounding rule, and your discretionary minutes, which, are described in the system as the number of minutes that you allow your customer before charging them for another unit of time.

    Edit labor rates
  1. To edit, click on edit. From here you will be able to alter the entry and re-save.

Delete labor rates

  1. To delete entries, click on delete. To delete in Commusoft you must type delete and tap confirm in the pop-up module. If you are unable to delete an entry, you will be given a reason why.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT - Advanced Labor rates

    1. Within this page, you can set not only the day that is applicable to the labor rate, but the time as well. You may set the labor rate different here as well depending on the timeframes you’ve chosen. This will calculate labor based on the time spent on site, after an engineer has arrived at the time specified in this section.