Cloning job descriptions

Cloning job descriptions can be useful if you wish to keep a template mostly the same for a job, but make some minor adjustments to specific elements. If you carry out jobs that are usually similar outside of minor aspects, this can be an easy way to accommodate for this without manually having to recreate job descriptions to simply adjust minor parts of them.

  1. In order to clone a job description, simply go to your list of job descriptions (found in your system settings). This will provide you with a list of any existing job descriptions.

  2. Each description will have the option to 'configure', 'clone', 'edit', or 'delete' it. Click 'clone' then type and click once more to confirm.


  3. Once the description has been cloned, it will appear at the bottom of your list of job descriptions (you may have to go to other pages depending on how long your existing list is) with the prefix of 'Clone' having been automatically attached:

  4. This can be manually removed by simply editing the job description and choosing another name.