The GPS leaderboard

The GPS leaderboard can be found under the 'Reporting' tab. Select 'Users' and then 'GPS Leaderboard'. This report collects information from the trackers installed in your engineers' vehicles. It shows various forms of driving data. The information tracked falls into the following categories: distance, average speed, excessive speeding, excessive braking, excessive acceleration, and excessive cornering.

Commusoft assigns a number of 'points' to each of these events (aside from distance and average speed). These are used to establish an overall 'score' in the final column of the table. The point structure is defined as follows:

  • Excessive speeding - 3.5
  • Excessive braking - 2.5
  • Excessive acceleration - 2.5
  • Excessive cornering - 1.5


You can utilise the filter at the top to add more specificity to your report by selecting a date window.


Total Score

The Bubble shown in the Score column will show in Green, Yellow or Red at the follow score levels

  • 0-33 the bubble will be Green
  • 34 - 66 the bubble will be Yellow
  • 67+ the bubble will be red


How is the score calculated?

The actual score is based on an algorithm that Commusoft applies to all the selected data:

The number of events per day/average distance travelled per day (in KM) divided by the apex for that event, multiplied by ten. The 'Apex' being the number of events per KM within your query period.

This will be applied to each event with the sum of the calculation being the resulting score for each user.