You may need to create forms such as risk assessments which cannot be created through Commusoft, but by creating a custom checklist. This will provide you with a sheet the engineers can fill in on-site.

  1. In order to set your custom certificates up go to your system setting, scroll down to the 'Certificates' section and select the 'Custom checklist' option.

  2. From this page, you'll be able to use the form on the left to enter the title and descriptions for your various checklists.

  3. After filling these in, click 'Add checklist'. This will save the template and allow you to configure it by clicking 'Configure checklist' on the right-hand side of the entry.


  4. The configuration page allows you to design the specifics of your checklist. The required fields, marked with an asterisk, will let you name the question as well as selecting a 'Question type' (dropdown of options, open text field, etc.) depending on how you wish to collect your responses.

  5. You can also mark the questions as required using the checkbox on the right if you wish the remove the ability for your customers to skip them.

  6. Once you've configured the questions to your liking, simply click 'Save question' to add them to your checklist.

    If you do not see this option in your system, this is probably due to your subscription type. If you'd like to use this, please contact Commusoft sales on 0230266266. You can also look into using our Custom Forms which is a far more customisable way of creating your own forms and certificates.