Previously called: License contracts

Purpose: To view and manage vital details regarding your Commusoft plan, licenses, storage allowance and your contract start and expiration dates. 

The Commusoft plan you have selected determines the features and functionality that are accessible on your account. When joining Commusoft, you chose a specific plan which includes associated licenses. These licenses represent your contractual commitment for your Commusoft account. 

We provide three types of licenses to offer flexibility in choosing the appropriate license for your users. It is important to understand your contract and licenses to maintain control over your account and stay informed about license activity. You can manage your monthly or daily licenses and also purchase additional contracted licenses.

Please note:

  • A signature must be provided when purchasing a license.
  • License emails go to the email address in your Company details.
  • Pending licenses are not charged, will expire after 30 days and be removed.
  • Only Owner/manager and Financial office staff roles can access Licenses.
  • Automatically renews.
  • License cost is based on plan and license type.
  • Usernames must be unique and can not be reused.
  • Monthly and Daily licenses cannot be deleted if assigned to an active user.

Commusoft Licensing Types

Contracted License

Committed to a 12-month period, this license type is added to your existing contract period.

Please note:

  • Contracted licenses cannot be deleted
  • The number of contracted licenses can only be reduced during your contract renewal period
  • Contracted licenses are billed for the month ahead

Monthly Rolling License

A flexible license type which allows for easy addition and removal as needed. Best suited for short-term staff or during a probationary period.

Please note:

  • Monthly rolling licenses are billed for the month ahead

Daily License

A flexible license type which allows for addition and removal as needed. It is particularly well-suited for users who do not access Commusoft on a daily basis, such as part-time employees or subcontractors.

Please note:

  • Billing is retrospective
  • Only available on Go Paperless and above plans
  • Daily License charges are applied for:
        ◦ A diary event booked in for a particular day
        ◦ A diary event that’s been actioned for a particular day
        ◦ Logging in on a PC/Mac
  • A breakdown of the charges will be provided on the invoice

Viewing Your Licenses

  • Profile icon > Settings > Billing and licensing > Licenses

Purchasing a License

  • Purchase new required licenses > Input required number > Review cost and contract breakdown > Click Save

Deleting a License

  • Delete monthly/daily license > Select Monthly rolling or Daily license > Input required number > Click “Delete Licenses” 

Downloading Your Contracts

  • Click to download a PDF copy of your signed contracts > This will download to your browser as a Zip File