Input types & page types for Custom forms

These input types can be used to populate the pages for your custom forms. Each input type has a slightly different display and functionality.

Please note:

  • At this time, sub-asset details cannot be added to custom forms.
  • Recommended maximum 10 photos per custom form. Adding more may cause longer syncing times.

These input types are listed beneath the 'Section' option on the menu when setting up your forms: 


Input - This is a single-line text input field, you can fill with any numbers or characters you need to.

Dynamic input - Similar to the 'Input' type, Dynamic input fields will also be able to use pre-filled options if common responses are typical.

Numbers - Whole numbers (no decimal points) greater than '0' can be used to fill these fields.

Text area - Is similar to 'Input' but you are able to enter multiple lines of text (and numbers) rather than just a single line.

Date & Time - are fairly straightforward fields used to display the date and time.

Toggle - This is primarily utilised on mobile devices to set up things lie "yes or no" responses where the options are pre-defined and you can switch between the two by clicking.

Checkbox - A multiple line checkbox which could accommodate thing like multiple-choice responses.

Single checkbox - More akin to a confirmation of some kind ('click here to confirm') as opposed to the 'Checkbox' option that allows for multiple options to be displayed.

Radio - Similar again to the 'single checkbox' option and used to display multiple options where only one can be selected.

Dropdown - This option allows you to create multiple options available for selection displayed in the typical dropdown fashion.

Input with selection choices - This is essentially a free-text box with your preset options also displayed as a list below, this means the user has the ability to type an option in themselves, or simply select it from the list displayed.

Plain text - A free text field that engineers can use to make any additional notes or comments.

Decimal - A number field (similar to 'number') that also allows you to include decimals, it is not restricted to whole numbers.

Signature - A field that simply allows for a regular signature to be added.

Photo  - A simple field that allows you to include any necessary photos or images.

Non-editable input -  A single-line text fields (similar to Input) where the pre-defined content cannot be edited.

Preset input types - These have simply taken into account the frequency with which 'Yes/No/NA' are listed as options on forms in general, allowing you to select them as input types without needing to manually create them.

Page types:


  1. Before actually adding a page to your form, you will need to select a page type from 'Standard', 'List', 'Engineer signature', and 'Customer signature'.

  2. If you choose 'List', you can input the maximum number of list items you want to be added to the page (leaving this field blank, will remove any maximum limitations).

  3. You will not be able to change the default names of the Engineer or Customer signature pages, the 'Page name' box will be greyed out.