Delivered notifications on emails

In those instances where your email is sent using Commusoft's mail provider (e.g. haven't set up SMTP or because email has failed), you will now be able to see the email's current status  against the record in the notes and communications tab. Please note, these tags will not show for emails sent through your own mail provider via SMTP.

Delivered email status

This update adds six colour coded statuses:

Sent - Your email has successfully been sent by our mail provider.

Delivered - Your email has been received by the customer.

Opened - Your email has been opened.*

Clicked - Content within your email has been clicked.*

Spam report - Your email has been marked as spam.

Bounced - Your email has been rejected or failed to deliver to the recipient's mailbox.

Email tags

*Opened and Clicked statuses are not 100% accurate. Our email provider uses a method to try and tell if an email has been opened or clicked, however, this can be blocked by certain mail providers so its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

When an email has multiple recipients, only the first email/ recipient in the list will be tracked, as it would be impractical to have status tags for each recipient. Please bear this in mind when sending to multiple customers at once.

This is only a small update, but adds an extra level of detailed information when Commusoft needs to send an email without using your SMTP. Expect to see this change live next week - 3rd of August.


Why are status tags unavailable for SMTP emails?

Status tags are only available for emails sent via Commusoft's email provider. This is because it would not be practical for us to replicate this function across all the different possible email providers.

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