Merge, transfer, or convert properties

There is no way to merge customers as such, as this was a feature available in our old system that ended up having some negative knock on effects on client's data. There is, however, a specific workflow we advise for this scenario. 

First, go into the Customer > Notes & communications > Add new note > Title: Do Not Work With and mark as 'Important' > Select, 'Do not work with again' > Make available on mobile. Go back to the Property > Edit customer> Status > Dormant. Also take note of the old account number. 

The do not work with feature will 'block' you from adding Estimates and Jobs to this property. The dormant feature will stop any automatic emails like service reminders.

Create the new property or go into the customer you wanted to merge and in Notes & communications add a note with the old account number and something along the lines of 'See old history here' and mark as important. You can then go into the old customer and add the new account number to the note. 

You can add an invoice address to a customer if you need to invoice someone else, like an insurance company or builder. To add an invoice address simply navigate to the property page > Quick links > Invoice addresses. See our help article below:

Add an invoice address to a customer/work address

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