Invoice portal settings

Purpose: Personalize the business contact details displayed on the customer contact pop-up for help and support when customers access the Invoicing portal and the access roles that get notified when a customer makes a payment.

Save valuable time and effort managing customer invoices and payments. Customers can conveniently view/download invoices and make payments on their PC, laptop or mobile device via the Invoicing portal.

Additionally, setting a limit on card payments provides greater control over how you receive funds and manage transaction fees for high-value jobs.

Please note

  • Page must not be reloaded while payment is pending
  • Select ‘Don’t show email/phone’ options to disable Communication pop up
  • Requires credit card integration to be set up
  • Payment receipt email has PDF attachment

View settings

Profile icon > Settings > Self-service > Invoice portal settings > View

  • Payment details
    • ‘Enable credit card’ - Select from drop-down > Save
      • ‘Always’ - Customer can always pay online with a credit/debit card
      • Enable when amount is less than’ - Customers can only pay online using a credit/debit card when the payment total is less than the number specified

  • Preferences
    • Send payment receipt to customer - Tick/Untick > Save

  • Communications - Company information displayed in the customer contact pop up within the portal
    • ‘Email address’ - Select from drop-down > Save
      • ‘Don’t show email’ - No email address is shown
      • ‘Show company email’ - Display email address from Company details
      • ‘Enter email’ - Display any other email address, manually typed in the field ‘New email’ now visible.
    • ‘Phone number’ - Select from drop-down > Save
      • ‘Don’t show phone’ - No phone number is shown
      • ‘Show company phone’ - Display phone number from Company details
      • ‘Enter phone’ - Display any other phone number, manually typed in the field ‘New phone’ now visible.
    • Contact support description’ - Enter desired text > Save
    • Contact support title - Enter desired text > Save
    • ‘Contact support available timing’ - Enter support hours > Save

  • Notifications
    • ‘Send notification to’ - Add required roles > Save

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