Adding parts to a job

Purpose: Parts are almost a requirement in any field that Commusoft utilizes. This guide will help you understand how adding parts to a job works, viewing parts on the job, as well as setting the sale price, the VAT, and markup. 

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Adding parts to a job

Part kit name

1. To add a part to a job, go into your customer > 'add a new job' or view an existing job and navigate to the 'Parts' tab. Go to 'Add new part' or 'Add new part kit'mceclip2.png

  1. Select the part via the dropdown, along with the quantity. The unit cost will come over as you entered it into the system. Add the mark up, VAT if needed, and the Part status
  2. Once you add the part, it will be available on the job. Pressing the '+' sign will allow you to change the part status, edit the part, and view it. Pressing 'Change part status' will allow you to change the status to a different one. 'View' will allow you to view a variety of information on the part via a sidebar module. 'Edit' will let you change the cost price and the sale price