Office 365 customer access add-on

Watch a quick video showing you how to use the Outlook integration:



Why is this useful?
This will enable you to view the customers information in a single click. You can view how much money they owe you, where their property is located, and what history they have with you. You can also book jobs for the customer without having to search for the property in Commusoft. With a few clicks you can have the job booked in and scheduled for an engineer.

How do I activate it?
To get started with the free add-in you can head over to the Outlook add-in marketplace or alternatively, go to your Outlook email account and click on the settings cog in the top bar, followed by 'Manage add-ins'.
Once you arrive at the add-in marketplace, use the search bar and search for 'Commusoft'. Choose 'Commusoft Office365 addon for emailfrom the search results. On the add-in page, click 'GET IT NOW' on the left of the screen to install.
You'll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the email address that you will be installing the add-in for. Once you click 'Continue', the install will be complete.

I have a message saying the email address does not exist?
You may see this message if the email address is not saved within Commusoft. If you know who this customer is, please add the email address to their account in Commusoft so that next time they email you, you can use the integration to view the details of their account. 

This can also mean this is a new customer. You can add the customer into Commusoft and it will link the email address to the property.

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