Which file formats are supported within Commusoft?

When uploading files and documents to Commusoft, whether they are invoices, pictures, screenshots or anything else, they will need to be uploaded in a file format that Commusoft itself supports. We update the formats that the system is compatible with on a regular basis. Please refer to the list below and ensure any file(s) you are uploading are in one of these formats:

Audio file formats
.mp3 - MP3 audio file
.mpa - MPEG-2 audio file
.ogg - Ogg Vorbis audio file
.mid or .midi - MIDI audio file.

Video file formats
.avi - AVI file
.flv - Adobe Flash file
.mov - Apple QuickTime movie file
.mp4 - MPEG4 video file
.mpg or .mpeg - MPEG video file

Compressed file formats
.7z - 7-Zip compressed file
.rar - RAR file
.tar.gz - Tarball compressed file
.zip - Zip compressed file

Data and database file formats
.csv - Comma separated value file
.xml - XML file

Image file formats
.gif - GIF image
.jpeg or .jpg - JPEG image 
.png - PNG image

Presentation file formats
.odp - OpenOffice Impress presentation file
.pps - PowerPoint slide show
.ppt - PowerPoint presentation
.pptx - PowerPoint Open XML presentation

Spreadsheet file formats
.ods - OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet file
.xlr - Microsoft Works spreadsheet file
.xls - Microsoft Excel file
.xlsx - Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet file

Word and text file formats
.doc and .docx - Microsoft Word file
.pdf - PDF file
.txt - Plain text file
.odt - OpenOffice Writer document file

If you do not see the file format you are looking to upload on this list, it is likely because it is not currently supported by Commusoft. If you would like to have a new file format added, please contact Commusoft client services and we will see if it is something that can be added, or otherwise help you to potentially convert your file to a format that is supported. Please be aware that we may not be able to add formats you request, but we do take customer suggestions and requests seriously into consideration.