GPS Setup and Configuration


  1. Install the devices into the vehicles:

    - Self install devices simply plug into the OBDII port in the vehicle. You may need to purchase an extension cable to prevent protrusion.

    - Wired devices will need to be professionally installed in order to hard wire them to the vehicle.

    Once installed correctly, you should see green flashing lights on the device.
  2. Go to - Company settings - Users and click View next to the user you are assigning the vehicle tracker to.

  3. Click Quick links and select Configure GPS device


  4. Complete the configuration by filling in the boxes on the Configure GPS device screen

    - GPS device model = select the option from the drop down.

    - IMEI = this is the IMEI number of the device, found on the document we sent confirming delivery of the device(s) and also on top of the device.

    - Mobile number of tracker = this is the mobile number of the SIM Card, which is on the document we sent confirming delivery of the device(s). 

    - Network = the network of the SIM Card in the device. This is O2 unless stated otherwise.

  5. Click Save 
  6. You will receive a notification through once configuration is complete. 
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