Quickbooks desktop: Download the web connector

If you already have the web connector on your PC, open the web connector program on your computer, then click on the remove button next to the application.

Then click quick links and download the web connector

Open the email and open the link to download the web connector



The following page will open. Click the link to download the Quickbooks Web Connector:



Once downloaded, click to open the Web Connector:


Ensure you have QuickBooks open

Download the config.qwc file attached to the email and save it to your desktop:



In the Web Connector Click Add an Application:


And search for and select the config.qwc file you just downloaded:



You will then be prompted to allow access, ensure the option circled below is selected:




You now need to enter the password sent to you in your email. Ensure that Auto-Run is selected and set how often you want it to run.




This will set up your connection.

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