Online estimate portal

Watch a quick video showing you how to use the online estimate portal, and scroll down for more information


Additional information

What is this used for?
You can use this to send the estimate to the customer and they have time to view the estimate online and accept quickly

Can I take payment for the initial invoice with this?
Yes, if you have a credit card integration with Commusoft, and an initial invoice within the estimate, the customer will receive a payment screen as shown within the video above. If you'd like more information about our credit card integration, please email 

When does this communication send to the customer?
This message is sent to the customer when you click Email on the Send to customer section of the estimate

How do I know when a customer has accepted the estimate or paid the initial invoice?
You will receive a notification on your Commusoft account when the customer accepts the estimate, and another when the payment has been made

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