Tax descriptions: Complex Tax

These tax descriptions are the names of the various tax rates you may employ through the system. You may want to set one up for each of the states in which you operate, or simply choose bespoke tax descriptions to match your existing workflows.

  • Do not use numbers or symbols in the 'Tax Description' field.


  1. Use the form on the left to choose a state and give your tax description a title.

  2. Once you've entered this information and hit 'Add tax description', the description will appear in the list on the right-hand side, ready for you to set up further.

  3. Click 'Add tax rate' next to the description you added.


  4. From here, you can add any tax components that go into defining your individual tax descriptions.

  5. These tax components can also be set up through your system settings using the 'Tax component' page.

  6. When you have added all the rows you need to complete the tax description, check the total and effective total tax rates to ensure everything is listed correctly and then simply click 'Add tax rate' to save your changes.