Add service windows

Watch a quick video showing you how to add service windows, and scroll down for more information


Additional information

Why is this useful?
Service windows are used when you want to give your engineer a specific time to arrive on site, but you don't want to tell the customer this. Most clients would use this to cover themselves if the engineer is late to the appointment. Also, if you find you use a lot of am/pm/all day events, the diary can become very crowded. Service windows will help to split out the events and make them more organised within the diary view.

You can change how your diary times show when you send communications to the customer.

For example, if your service window is between 8-11am and you type 'Morning' here, you can then select a slot at 9-10am and it will appear as 9-10am in the diary and engineer communications. However, when sent to the customer as an email/sms they will see the diary event information as 'Morning'. Select whether you want AM/PM and all day events to be taken into account when they are added into the diary.

What happens if I add a job and it falls into 2 service windows?
It will take the service window in the start time. e.g in the video above, if a job was entered between 10am and 3pm, the customer message would say 'Morning'.

Where do I use this?
This is used within the [diary_service_window] tag in estimate/job communications. View this article to see how they appear: Use service window tags

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