Quickbooks online: Link existing customers/suppliers

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If you've been using Commusoft and Quickbooks independently then you will have the same customers/suppliers in both systems.  The problem is that there is no link between these customer/supplier records and therefore when importing data from Commusoft to Quickbooks, Commusoft will create a new customer/supplier record in Quickbooks.  This duplication isn't ideal.  

To avoid this you need to 'tell Commusoft' that the customer/supplier already exists in Quickbooks. To do this you need to get the customer/supplier ID number from Quickbooks and tell Commusoft to associate the customer/supplier with this number.


Get customer/supplier ID

To link existing customers/suppliers from Quickbooks to customers/suppliers in Commusoft, you will first need the ID of the customer/supplier in Quickbooks.  

Click on the customer/supplier from your customer/supplier list

The customer/supplier ID is displayed in the URL. Copy this (highlight the numbers and letters at the end of the url > right click > Copy), as this number will be used to link the customer/supplier between Commusoft and Quickbooks.



Link customers/suppliers

  1. Next login to Commusoft and click the settings icon in the top right corner and click Company settings

  2. Then click Accounting interfaces

  3. Then you will see your accounting integration dashboard. Click Quick links then Link customers and suppliers

  4. You will see a page with all of your customers/suppliers on. Paste (right click in the box > paste) the code into the Accounting reference column

  5. Repeat for all customers/suppliers

Note: You can also link customers via their account page. Simply search for the customer/supplier and click Edit in the top right. Then in the Third party accounting code box, paste the number in.


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