Add a credit note against an invoice

Watch a quick video showing you how to add a credit note, and scroll down for more information


Additional information

What do the different areas of the page mean?

Credit note details:
This is where you can type the description of the credit note. i.e boiler install credit. 
You can add more details to the credit note with more information for the customer.
You can edit the date of the credit note - this automatically sets to the date from your computer 
You can select how you want the credit note is organised:

  • No breakdown: One line item with total price
  • Breakdown by category: Split the credit note by labour and parts
  • Full breakdown: Split the credit note into individual line items
  • Full breakdown by category: Split the credit note into line items, grouped by category (labour/parts)

Breakdown section:
This is where you will add the price/items to the credit note. 

Click in the fields and enter the information as required. You can use your keyboard to toggle through the spreadsheet quickly by using enter to go into the next column. If there is a drop-down, use the up/down arrows to navigate through the list, then press enter to select it.

Is there a way to pre-fill the line items?
The credit note will be pre-filled with items from the invoice, assuming you're crediting the full amount.

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