QuickBooks Desktop US: Set up accounting integration


This guide will walk you through setting up your accounting package, please read all the information below carefully.

Once you have read all the documentation below if you have any questions or are unsure at any stage then please contact us via email at support@commusoft.com or if your Commusoft package has phone support call us on (872) 212-3118 - Option 2. It is important to ask us for advice before taking any action. 

  • Please read the overview article before completing these steps QuickBooks desktop: Overview
  • Commusoft cannot be held responsible for the quality of data. Please ensure the data in your accounting package and/or Commusoft is of good quality and in the correct fields before integrating.
  • If the title field is blank in your accounting package, Commusoft will add the top one in the list; see System Settings > Customer Titles, to all customer records by default this is '-'. 
  • The character limit for customer names is 18 due to a limitation with the QuickBooks integration.
  • You must select that you want to send data manually when prompted in setting up the integration.
  • Do not click the Send Data button until everything is set up. 

Choose package

Read and complete the steps below.

1. Go to Company settings > Accounting interfaces


2. Click 'Setup integration'


3. Select the correct accounting package. Click 'Quickbooks Desktop' > Click 'Choose package'.


  1. You will see a page with the following information. Read and complete the steps carefully.


Completing setup and establishing preferences
You will now be asked to complete the setup and a series of preferences. Follow all the steps carefully, ensuring you read all the information provided.

  1. You will be asked whether you would like to import your customers and suppliers from Quickbooks desktop into Commusoft.

    Select yes or no and proceed to the next step.

    If you do not have a value in the title field Commusoft will automatically place the first one in your list in system settings into this field.

  2. Read the information and tick the box to confirm your selection, then click 'Next step'.


  3. You will be asked what date you would like the import to start from. 

    You can select the date you started using Commusoft, or you can select any date, today, past, or future. You can also backdate your accounting integration to the beginning of the current quarter, or the beginning of your financial year.

    You can the current date so that moving forward all accounting information will be synced. You may also want to select a date in the future for the beginning of the next quarter or the next financial year.

    Select your choice and click proceed to the next page.

  4. Read the information and tick the box to confirm your selection, then click 'Next step'.

  5. You can now select when you want Commusoft to send data to QuickBooks. You can select from Automatically (every two hours) or Manually (when you click the Send data button).

    Please note if you choose automatic, you can still manually sync Commusoft and QuickBooks by clicking the Send data button at any time you wish.

    Important: You must set your integration to manually send data until you fully understand the process.

    Select your choice and click 'Next step'.

  6. Read the information and tick the box to confirm your selection, then proceed to the 'Next steps'.

  7. The accounting integration has now been set up and you will see this confirmation page. Read the information carefully and click 'Close.' 

  8. You will now see the accounting integration dashboard. 

    You will have some data in the waiting to be sent box. This means that data is ready to send to QuickBooks, you can click the 'Send data now' button to send the data from Commusoft to QuickBooks.