Sage 50cloud Accounts: Linking existing customers/suppliers

If you've been using Commusoft and Sage 50cloud Accounts independently then you will have the same customers/suppliers in both systems. The problem with this is that there is no link between these customer/supplier records and therefore when importing data from Commusoft to Sage Line 50/Instant, Commusoft will create a new customer/supplier record in Sage 50cloud Accounts. This duplication isn't ideal.

To avoid this, you can use the steps below:

Getting the customer/supplier ID

  1. To link existing customers/suppliers from Sage 50cloud Accounts to customers in Commusoft, you will first need the ID of the customer/supplier in Sage 50cloud Accounts.

  2. Click on the customer/supplier from your customer/supplier list.

  3. The customer/supplier ID is displayed in a box labelled A/C. Copy this, as this number will be used to link the customer/supplier between Commusoft and Sage 50cloud Accounts.

Linking customers/suppliers

  1. Open your system settings, Then click 'Accounting interfaces':

  2. On your accounting integration dashboard go to Quick links > Link customers and suppliers.

  3. You will see a page with all of your customers/suppliers on. Paste the code into the Accounting reference column.

  4. Repeat for all customers/suppliers.

It is worth noting that for this to work, the following information must be correct (and copied exactly) in both instances: Customer name, Accounting reference (third party accounting reference in Commusoft),  and the Customer's email address.

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