Sage 50cloud Accounts: Setup accounting integration

Important notes:

  • Please read the overview article before completing these steps: Sage 50cloud Accounts: Overview
  • We recommend setting your integration to manually send data until you fully understand the process.
  • Commusoft posts to the Transaction log within Sage 50cloud Accounts only.
  • We currently support Version 24.2 up to 29.2.
  • Ensure your nominal codes are setup before sending any data: Linking nominal codes

Commusoft requires access to a Sage 50cloud Accounts user to transfer over data. 

  • We recommend you create a new Sage 50 user account, set the username to cs and password to cs123
  • If you are using an existing user account, ensure you know the Sage 50 username and password.
  • If a user account is in use by Sage 50 then Commusoft will queue the data until the user account becomes available for Commusoft to log into.

Commusoft requires the following

  • VAT codes for 20%, 5% and 0% please note your VAT codes.
  • VAT method, Invoice (standard) or Cash please note your VAT method.
  • Sage Database file path. Within Sage go to Help > About > Program Details section > Data Directory Please note the full file path.

Integrate to Sage 50cloud Accounts

  • Integration must be completed on the PC/Server which runs the Sage 50cloud Accounts Database and must have an instance of Sage 50cloud Accounts Client.
  • The interface does not support network paths
  • The sage interface must only be installed once and this must be on the main Sage PC/Server only.
  • Full administrator privileges/rights are required to install the sage interface.
  • Sage client must be closed before starting the sage interface.
  • Anti Virus - If the PC/Server has anti-virus software installed, you may need to allow for the download to be completed and add exclusion once installed.
    Add expectation/exclusions for the sage interface:
    Folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\SageInterface 
    Program - SageInterfaceService.exe
  • Windows - At times when Windows updates or as the PC boots up, our service may not start correctly, as all Windows services and processes take priority. You can set the service to Automatic (Delayed Start) to reduce this and set the service to recover itself, too.

Choosing your package

1. Profile icon > Integrations > Accounting packages > Add integration > Setup integration

2. You will see a page where you can select the accounting package. Click Sage Line 50/Instant and click Choose package in the bottom right


Completing setup and preferences
You will now be asked to complete the setup and a series of preferences. Follow all the steps carefully, ensuring you read all information provided.

  • You will now need to fill in the form with your Sage details
  • You can now select when you want Commusoft to send data to Sage 50cloud Accounts. You can select Automatically (every two hours) or Manually (when you click the Send data button)
  • We strongly recommend selecting manual until you have understood how the integration passes the data from Commusoft to Sage. This will avoid any duplicate customer and financial records going across to Sage.
  • Please note if you choose automatic, you can still manually sync Commusoft and Sage 50cloud Accounts by clicking the Send data button at any time you wish. Select your choice and click Next step
  • Read the information and tick the box to confirm your selection, then click Next step

  • You will now need to install the Sage interface. Follow the instructions within this article to help you: Install Sage interface
  • The accounting integration has now been set up and you will see this confirmation page. Read the information carefully and click Close.
  • You will now see the accounting integration dashboard.
  • You will have some data in the waiting to be sent box. This means that data is ready to send to Sage 50cloud Accounts, you can click the Send data now button to send the data from Commusoft to Sage 50cloud Accounts