Sage Line 50/Instant: Export customers to CSV

Please read the overview article before completing these steps: Sage Line 50/Instant: Overview


Within Sage > go to 'Customer List' > click 'Reports' > click 'Customer Details Reports' > click and open 'Customer Record CSV (Extended)' > Sage 'Criteria' panel will open > click OK > This will open a preview > click 'Export' (top navigation bar) > Select the location where you would like to save the file and select save as type: CSV files (*.csv) > Click save

Note: If you have any issues with exporting your customers to a CSV format, please contact Sage

If you do not have a value in the title field Commusoft will automatically place the first one in your list in system settings into this field.


It is important to clean your data. Follow this article to help you Clean your data


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