Sage Business Cloud Accounting: Linking existing customers/suppliers

Important notes:

  • Please read the overview article before completing these steps: Sage Business Cloud Accounting: Overview
  • If you have been using Commusoft and Sage Accounting independently you will need to link the customers and suppliers manually.
  • If you send the record before linking it, Commusoft will create a new record in Sage Business Cloud Accounting, effectively duplicating the contact.
  • Sage Accounting requires the full name and email address to be exactly the same in both packages; this includes being case sensitive, ensure you check these details when linking up.

How do I link existing customers/suppliers from my Sage Business Cloud Accounting to Commusoft?

Follow the steps below or click here to watch a video.

1. Sage Business Cloud Accounting > Contacts > Click Customer Name > Goto the URL you will see an 8 digit number at the end > Highlight and Copy


2. Commusoft > Search the Customer/Supplier > Edit > Paste the 8 digit number into the Third-party reference.


3. Check the full name and email in Commusoft are exactly the same as in Sage.

4. Click Save in Commusoft and the Linking is complete.