iOS release notes

This article will list the release notes for our iOS mobile application (iPhone and iPad) 

Please note, the release notes are in ascending order, and not all release notes are included here. Some smaller releases have been removed from this list as they included small bug fixes only.


  1. v1.2

    Bug fixes
    Added functionality for job arrive and leave button in job screen
    Service and maintenance certificate

  2. v1.2.2

    Bug fixes
    Improvements to online/offline functionality

  3. v1.3

    Improvements and bug fixes for: Diary, Search, Company and System settings, Normal events, Estimates, Jobs, Customers, Suppliers, Certificates
    Diary history feature implemented
    Print estimate improved
    Permission issues fixed

  4. v1.5

    Bug fixes
    Technical references
    Workflow improvements
    Email customer fix

  5. v1.6.4

    Search permission implemented
    Diary response improvement
    Disable auto-correct feature in username

  6. v1.7

    Bug fixes
    Signature sync from mobile to web fix

  7. v1.10

    Major bugs and improvements in estimate are fixed.
    User experience improvement in adding work address through customer screen are improved.
    Adding "customer & work address" to job improve experience.
    User interface change in work address form - Changed the "landlord" field to search box instead of a dropdown for better user experience.
    Bugs fixed in Diary.

  8. v1.11

    Improvement in certificate:
    Adding appliance to the certificate now will redirect to certificate appliance screen.
    Consistency of "add appliance and add defect 'plus' icon" are moved to bottom of the screen.

    Fixed bugs in Diary and Certificate:
    Appliance in job alignment issue is fixed
    Oil storage and Fire risk assessment Certificate (Ti/133D) - redirect issue fixed. When save certificate it redirects to more tab of job now it will redirect to certificate list screen.
    Duplicate date in diary list screen.
    Some typo errors.
    Validation message change in iPad when no user select from user list.

    Fixed client queries:
    Added 2 fields in cp12 certificate
    Fixed customer signature is not requested on the app
    Fixed parts permission issue

  9. v1.12

    Modified the work flow for adding customers and work address in job/ Estimate screen through diary
    Changed design for Send email screen. (We can able to add and edit email id in this screen )

    Fixed bugs in Diary and Certificate:
    Fixed appliance Navigation issue in certificate
    Fixed offline issue in certificate
    If there is no record in dropdown then we show the toast message instead of showing empty dropdown.

    Fixed client queries:
    Fixed attached file issue coming from Ongoing works.
    Email issues.

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