Android release notes

This article will list the release notes for our Android mobile application (tablet and mobile) 

Please note, the release notes are in ascending order, and not all release notes are included here. Some smaller releases have been removed from this list as they included small bug fixes only.


  1. v0.1: First release for basic plan clients

    Screens Implemented:

    Work Addresses
    Estimates           Missing features: Merging price items
    Jobs                  Missing features: Invoices, Parts, Office tasks
    System Settings
    Company Settings
    Navigation Menu

    *List of certificates: Domestic Gas Safety Record (CP12), Non Domestic Gas Safety Certificate (CP17), LPG Gas Safety Certificate, Service and Maintenance Certificate (CP6), Oil Storage Tank Spillage and Fire Risk Assessment (Ti133dOil), Oil Firing & Commissioning (CD11) , Minor Electrical Works

  2. v0.2

    Added tagging for emailing certificates
    Added icons to estimate clone options

  3. v0.2.1

    Fixed job fill in report (date required question pending)
    Added functionality to add and edit contacts from email screens

  4. v0.2.3

    Added accepting estimate functionality while offline
    Added module permissions implementation
    Alphabetically sorting advertising types

  5. v0.3

    Redesign of add estimate/job event screen

  6. v0.4

    Added certificate clone options
    Added diary history on job diary event
    Added warning message for all diary screens when out of range

  7. v0.5

    Added job history tab on customer/work address
    Added feature to view/edit entire job on mobile
    Added feature to add job from ongoingworks on property
    Added feature to rebook event for negative statuses on estimate/job time tracking screens

  8. v0.55

    Filtered certificates by industry type (electric, gas, or oil)

  9. v0.591

    Diary is hidden when no user is set to appear on diary
    Added customer notes onto job notes tab
    Added pricing item search functionality on basic estimates

  10. v0.6

    Ongoing works reinstated after fixed bugs

  11. v0.7

    Booking diary events from ongoing works
    Diary history view screen fixed

  12. v0.9

    Tab reordering
    Rebooking events for outstanding jobs
    Drawing over image
    Search improvement
    Adding properties from search
    Voice search
    Voice notes on attached files
    Diary event added extra validation on description
    Attaching multiple images at the same time
    Added estimate details on estimate screen
    Estimate options and prices bug
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